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Tobius Huxley was the cameraman for Dan Dorfman of WVT-TV news and a CI for Asst. Director Gunnar Mason. He also was a probationary paramedic for the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, after which he decided to go into the world of crime, and joined Vespucci Kings but later turned out to be a snake.


He was employed as cameraman for Dan Dorfman, and CI assistant. After that, he became a probationary paramedic for the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services. He later decided to adventure into the criminal underworld and joined Vespucci Kings, this helped him become a known associate to The Grove Street Collective and Jack Jackson specifically. This resulted in him helping run the chop shop with Jackson & O'Reilley.

The Vespucci Kings and Tobius Coming Out as a Snake[]

The Vespucci Kings heard about Tobius being a snake, they initially didn't believe the rumors but they turned out to be true eventually. This even go to point Ally, Tobius girlfriend who was close with the gang, she told him the gang wanted to kill him, which resulted in the gang finding out and killing her.

Vespucci Kings were out for Tobius and wanted to kill him, as well as a lot of other gangs/organizations and even other criminals as he caused a lot of conflicts and wars between gangs. He stole from the kings, he took some money and guns and fled. He has since returned to Los Santos.