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Tony "Laces" Davis was a member of the Chamberlain Gangsters set of The Families. He often acted solo in committing small crimes, usually to bait police into cat-and-mouse chases. Laces was notorious for fleeing from police on motorcycles. While most criminals at the crime preferred using Super Cars to outrun police on long, straight roads, Laces used the higher mobility of motorcycles to escape by making quick, sharp turns into tight alleys in the downtown area.

Laces soon became the focus of BCSO Deputy Jonathan Murdock, who made it a personal mission to arrest Davis. Murdock theorized that Laces somehow had an extensive knowledge of police policy, procedure, and tactics, which is how he was constantly able to stay one step ahead of officers and avoid capture. The two developed their cat-and-mouse game into a rivalry. At one point Laces found Murdock's patrol car unattended on the street, and proceeded to kick in the windshield and repeatedly stomp on the car. Murdock never managed to capture Laces, although he did come close at times. Laces vanished off the radar entirely and still remains at large, securing a victory over Murdock as a free man.

Davis received the street name "Laces" while engaging in a series of street muggings. As a calling card, he would always take the victim's shoe laces.