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"First Baseman in the streets. Home run in the sheets."
―Topher Jones, Multiple Occasions
"My Dad gave me that pocket pussy so everytime I fuck that pocket pussy I think of my Dad"
―Topher Jones
"At this point I think we have hustled 75% of this city into thinking we are idiots"
―Topher to Rossi 6/8/2020


A college student studying botany Topher is labeled as a savant when it comes to the chemistry and biology around growing and manufacturing controlled substances.


Kansas City, MO - Upbringing[]

Topher and his sister were raised by single father for most of his life after his mother was killed in an accident. His father being a successful attorney dealt with high profile cases maintaining the reputation of community members tied to the Kansas City Crime Family. Throughout much of his youth he was raised by many different faces who would come and go as his father attended meetings and worked on various cases and contracts for his clients.

One of the men taught Topher how to play baseball taking him to professional games and playing catch with him while his father was in meetings. Topher took the sport incredibly quickly and would later become Highschool player of the year and a top prospect for both college and major league programs.