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Current OG within the Grape Street Crips street gang in South Los Santos.


Early Childhood[]

Trey "Grimeyy" Sanders was born on February 2nd, 1997 in South Central Los Santos. His family lived off of Carson Avenue in a small 2 bedroom home. When he was young Trey was often described as smart, curious, and never afraid to try new things. His mother even used to say that Trey would grow up to be an artist of some kind. Trey never knew his father as he was serving a life sentence for a double murder in a home invasion gone wrong and Trey's stepfather would neglect him and treat him differently than his step-siblings because he was not his biological son. His mother was a hard worker and often worked two jobs with long hours to try to provide for the family while his stepfather was usually never around to look after Trey and his siblings.

Beginning of Trey's gang life[]

Trey was aware of his situation since he was young, he was aware of his house, school and neighborhood were all in gang territory and that gangs ran everything around him. Despite this, young Trey tried to avoid gang life as best he could until it came knocking on his door one day after school when he was beaten and robbed at knifepoint for his lunch money. The robbery was a catalyst into a life Trey never imagined himself living. At just 12 years old he was jumped into the Grape Street Crips and with this came a newfound purpose--defending his neighborhood against rival gangs.

Making a name for himself[]

This would be the same year he would meet Andre Grove the leader of the local Grape Street Crip set whose reputation preceded him, and together they would take Grape Street to another level. Trey's first victim came the same night he was jumped into Grape Street, to prove he was ready to roll with the big shots Trey jumped into a four-door car with older Gang members and went hunting, they approached the Jamestown projects and found four men standing outside smoking and drinking. Trey shouted out to the men for their attention when they looked up, he stuck his hand out the window and fired the .38 snub-nosed revolver given to him by another member and struck two men fatally injuring one and only grazing the other. By the time Trey was in high school he was a well known Grape Street member. The nickname "Grimeyy" was given to him by an OG member because of Trey's shoot first ask questions later mindset when it came to dealing with rival gangs.

The death of Lil' Chuy and Prison[]

When Trey was 14 years old Grape Street was throwing a block party to celebrate the return of an OG who was served 4 years on a weapons charge, Jesus "Lil Chuy" Ortega. The party continued late into the night and by around midnight the only people who remained where Grape Street Crip members. While the men were all outside smoking and drinking a mini-van rolled by, the back door slid open and out hopped two rival gang members holding AK-47's and they began shooting into the crowd. Trey ducked behind a low cement wall while he struggled to pull out his gun to return fire. When the dust settled only one body laid on the floor. It was Lil' Chuy. Grape Street quickly mobilized into action and went on the offensive. They had recognized the van to always be around the Brouge Avenue area and they made their way there. When they arrived they spotted the van in an alleyway and three members got out and began creeping up to the house. They kicked down the door and Trey and two others stormed the house and began shooting the men inside who were celebrating the shooting. As they went to leave the police were quickly on the scene as they were still in the area due to the last shooting. Trey was hit in a brief shootout and taken into custody by the LSPD. Luckily Trey was not tried as an adult so he only had to serve eight years at Bolingbroke Penitentiary for the home invasion and assault with a deadly weapon.