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Treyvon Williams is a character role-played by uhLuvi


Treyvon has gotten his way around town recently. He has done a lot of petty crime like ATM robberies, store robberies, and even big heists like the jewelry store. Treyvon is still looking for the right family to hang around with but has found his love for south-side as it has always been his home. Treyvon has a big interest in tuner cars and enjoys the racing scene.


On October 30th, 2021, Treyvon hit his final robbery. When Treyvon was fleeing from police, he crashed out. Treyvon was badly hurt and the only way he thought he could escape was shooting police. Trey threw a Molotov cocktail at Tom Ford and then opened fire on him with an UZI. Trey was quickly gunned down and taken to Pillbox where he later succumb to his wounds.