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The University of San Andreas, Los Santos (ULSA) is a state-funded university located between Richman Street and Picture Perfect Drive in Richman, Los Santos.

It was established in 1919, and includes a main campus with an annex on Marathon Avenue. The central campus is comprised of two main buildings which house classrooms, offices, labs, administrative facilities and libraries. Campus features also consist of a quad, training facility, basketball auditorium/natatorium, tennis courts, and an athletic field with track.

Due to a downturn in enrollment, the university has recently begun an outreach program in an attempt to increase interest in attendance. The program is currently being led by Morgan Mitchell, dean of the History department.

The school mascot(s) are the Fighting Cocks (aka Amelia Eggheart and Cluck Rogers.)

After a generous grant from real estate mogul Summer Springs, the ULSA Training Center was renamed, and became the Jilly Hilljack Memorial Training Center.

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