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David Snyper was born in US in 1972. Grew up in The Bronx and he is what some would call a ”Freelance entrepreneur”. Streetfight and martial arts expert. Repairs any vehicle using primarily duct tape. Walked in and out of jails most of his life. Can be hired for extreme jobs. At 18 the judge presented him with a choice. 10 years of hard time or the military. He chose the army and served 2 years before joining Special Forces (The Green Berets) where he later was handpicked for DEVGRU – Formerly known as Seal Team Six. They usually only recruit Navy Seals but this was an exception.

Approached by CIA Special Operations Group (SOG) he accepted deployment for covert assignments in the middle east for 4 years.

Very experienced in underwater, jungle and mountain biomes.

His dad and granddad were originally bootleggers, and when the government passed the laws that made whiskey production and distribution illegal, they actually reinforced the mafia! People still had to make a living and that move just made the mafia a lot more organized.

One day – on Davids 9 year birthday his dad died. David found his violin case – the one he always brought when he went to the bank to make a withdrawal, but in this case, there was no violin. It was a machine gun! His dad heard and recognized the click when David opened the case and his dad's last words were: ”Be careful with that thing sonny boy. It's loaded”!