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Veronica Neptune is Al Saab’s ex-girlfriend and the owner of Veronica-La-La.


Veronica Neptune was first seen meeting up with the Leanbois. She was soon involved in their business. Neptune was hired as a “sexetary” for Leanbois Insurances. Working at LBI she met Al Saab, not soon after they got romantically involved.  

After the fall of LBI, Neptune soon decided to acquire Tequi-la-la. The acquisition was successful and soon Tequi-la-la was rebranded to Veronica-La-La. During her ownership, Neptune has held multiple successful events, which includes one of her own music tracks. 

Neptune is soon often seen as a “Ditzy blonde who acts dumber than she actually is”. Neptune got involved in the citywide investigation on the failed bank heist. She was not prosecuted due to lack of evidence.

Veronica Neptune was close friends with Bianca Ellis up until her death.

After the Leanbois & Saab[]

Veronica & Saab relationship ended, which also ended her associating with the Leanbois. Although some ties remain with them.

She took a job as a secretary at the Mission Row police station.


  • Veronica Neptune has an own Soundcloud page in which she releases music.