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Victor Ravenwood is a blind fortune teller/Palm Reader who has predicted at least 1 persons Death.


When Victor was 18 years old after years of being tormented/bullied in High School, one night he decided he wanted to end it all, but before committing to the deed he prayed to God (he grew up in a devoted Christian home) hoping he would listen and intervene. He wanted to have purpose, he wanted to be liked. God did not answer, but someone else did. The dark lord Satan came before him. He was able to convince Victor that life was worth living and that he could give Victor the purpose and the attention he desired. Desperate and vulnerable, Victor believed him and that night he made a deal.

Satan would give Victor a new name (his Satanic name being Botis) and would give Victor a gift. This gift would be being able to have deep connection to people through touching them (Consider this a form of empathy). However, this gift came with a cost, Victor could no longer see. From that night forward Victor became a devoted Satanist and would spend the next 10 years learning of his gifts and living with his new disability.

Satan would reach out to Victor again telling him that he needs to go to Los Santos to assist what Satan called “Agents of Chaos”. In Victor's research he would learn that Los Santos has an insanely high crime rate which further solidified that the Agents of Chaos were most likely the cause.

Victor is hoping to establish himself into the city as a fortune teller. To him this occupation would be best suited for his “gifts” and would allow him to interact with people for information gathering and mainly get into contact with these Agents of Chaos. For Victor these agents of chaos would not be revealed to him even if he were to touch one. He would have to assume that they are by learning about their actions and emotions. 

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