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Vikter Kross was a former member of Los Santos Thugs and OG in the gang who grew up around Grove and lives there to this day. He current a member of The Grove Street Collective.


He was a former member of Los Santos Thugs, he grew up around Grove. He returned to the city in 2018, and joined The Grove Street Collective not long after his return followed shortly after by close friend Jimmy Hillside.

Operating mostly in the shadows unseen, Vikter holds down the southside in the mornings typically in a solo capacity through the existing extortion taxes and robbing drug dealers not on the books. He and Jimmy loyally ride for Jack second to nobody at a moments notice and typically bring strategies for the groups next moves.

Untouched by the November 2018 raid on Grove Street RICO case, solidifies Vik and Jimmy's ability to go unseen by the law and many safely.

Vikters house on Covenant ave

Vikters house in The Vespucci Canals