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Wayne Wesson is a member of The Phoenix Corporation and somewhat of a "former" petty criminal.


From a young age he was orphaned and became a street child getting "Joe Dirted" by his mother. As soon as Wayne arrived in the city of Los Santos he proceeded to do many various crimes. He holds the record number of 15 carjackings in one arrest.

In an attempted robbery he met his friend and crime partner "J" and his crime spree only got worse or better depending on perspective. Early achievements can include kidnapping Zoey Lyrais with his partner "J", robbing the Yellow Jack Inn, and the infamous "SnakeJob".

After a long stay in jail, Wayne saw an ad for a movie audition and went on to score a role in an upcoming film. At that audition he was directed to see Jeffrey Connors about getting a position in his new security company The Phoenix Corporation. After being put through a series of rigorous physical and mental tests Wayne was accepted into a position. From the moment Jeff met him, he clearly saw that Wayne was a loose cannon willing to hurt and murder at a single command, so he created a code word "Meatloaf" to contain Wayne's ability; Cinnamon being a code to stop an impending "Meatloaf" attack from him.

Wayne has one main goal in life, to one day save up enough money to afford a monster truck. His current vehicle of choice is a semi truck (when he can find them).

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