Introduction Edit

Wesley is an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department.

Biography Edit

Growing up privileged as the son of a well-known Police Captain and the District Attorney in a large town in Georgia, Wesley Thorne was taught about the law at an early age. Having spent the better part of his teenage years pursuing a future in law, a chance encounter with a violent mugger one night while out on the town left him reeling.

Shortly after the mugging, Wesley dropped out of law school and left home, traveling the country in an attempt to find out where he fit in the world. Having always had a respect for the law, he found himself drawn back to it, this time to the badge instead of the books. Here he hopes to be able to help people in need and keep others from feeling the helplessness that he felt lying in the alley the night of the mugging.

Career Edit

As of July 1st, the San Andreas State Police has split into three separate departments, causing all former troopers to be reassigned to different departments.

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