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Wetworks Consultancy is an American management consulting firm with offices in Los Santos. The firm advises clients in private, public, and not for profit sectors. It is considered one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in Los Santos. 


The company was founded by Nino Chavez, a Boston native, after many weeks of promotion the company finally set foot in Los Santos. After many weeks as a taxi driver in Los Santos and receiving his business license he decided to set up Wetworks. 

Chavez then recruited Adrianna Brooke and Dimitri Barkov, with Julian Santorno, Lilly Baker and Giovanni (Tony) Caprioni joining at a later stage. Their aggressive marketing strategy was widely received with positive reactions. Wetworks facilitated in many disputes between companies and civilians.  

Wetworks was widely criticized for their controversial “abduction” prank by many critics on social media platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.  

Mission statement[]

Wetworks Consultancy provides entrepreneurs with advice and coaching so they can build and succeed in a business of their own. Not only is the focus on entrepreneurs but also on facilitating between employer and employee. 

With the government increasingly having a small role in the personal well-being, Wetworks Consultancy aims to fill this gap. The world is in continuous development with aging, globalization and technical development. In this modern day, many people have different opinions about work and career development compared to previous generations. 

As a result, WetWorks Consultancy acknowledges the need for flexible solutions for work. This is applicable to lower and higher educated, temporary and permanent jobs, small and big companies. The market will continue to show a strong growth. Our mission is to develop Los Santos of work and businesses.