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Will Goodman is a former child actor of the 90's sitcom "That's Just How It Goes". Like many former child stars Will's life fell into a downward after his fame dwindled, where he would routinely buy cocaine from Benny Gorsch. Will would become so massively indebted to Benny that his only means of paying him back was to star in a reboot of "That's Just How It Goes" with Benny serving as the director. Will would work along side his former co-stars Bob Winslow and Darnell Jackson to film a pilot of their shared childhood sitcom.

Initially Will appears to be a docile soft spoken man but he is quickly revealed to be a rather angry and violent individual, being verbally abusive to extras and very quick to point a gun at someone even when the situation doesn't call for it.


At the young age of 10 Will Goodman had the world at his finger tips. Being one of the young leads in the beloved 90's sitcom "That's Just How It Goes". However his fame and career would be cut short when a studio fire resulted in the death of most of the original cast, and crew. The freak accident left Will, Bob, and Darnell as the only remaining cast members of the show, ultimately leading to its cancelation.

After the accident Will was still able find work acting in commercials. Most notable amongst them being a super soaker commercial, which apparently Bob auditioned for as well. But as Will entered adulthood his acting opportunities became fewer and far between, leading him to become another forgotten icon of the 90's. His hedonistic lifestyle and heavy drug addiction left him to become an overweight out of work slob, completely unrecognizable from his former self.

That's Just How It Goes[]

In an attempt to make some easy cash and get back into the spotlight. Benny, Bob, Will, and Darnel all joined together to film a pilot episode for their rebooted sitcom. Because of the lack of budget to the production, the group would drive around the city and "cast" random citizens (mostly women) to play the extra characters. They would often lure them in under the guise of an official production team, but on few occasions the group would just flat out kidnap people. Every attempt to film the pilot would inevitably lead to the extra actors being forced to recite their lines at gunpoint. Once the hostages would finish their roles in the script the group would plan to murder them in order to cover up their tracks. However due to the the crews incompetence many of the hostages were able to escape unharmed.

Known victims[]

  • Ha Ding: Execution by firing squad (along side Darnell and Benny)

Played By: PENTA
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