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Willard "Willy" Stotch is a homeless man who works for Macapone's Parts & Scrap as a driver.


Born and raised in Vinewood up until age 8, ward of the state of Los Santos after parents death. Now homeless, hobo, wanderer, garbage protector.


On February 11, 2019, Willy saw a tweet with a riddle describing the impound lot in Davis. He went there and picked up a radio with a channel number written in red marker. On that channel, Cassidy Wilson asked him to meet with her at the Del Perro Pier. She gave him a knife to take to the police, in exchange for $1000.

He did not see her again until February 27, 2019, when he was imprisoned for punching Trooper White. She asked him to send a message again, by putting out an ad to say "Cassidy's Wonder Emporium is NOW OPEN. Zoom on Over to see Everything that we have to offer You. Now with STABBINGLY good deals for the SASP" and then stabbing someone at the Chumash fishing pier and leaving a note - "Cassidy sends her regards". She also instructed him to do it again at the Maze Bank Arena should he see another ad for the Wonder Emporium.

He acted on those instructions later that day, leaving a dead local by a campfire next to the pier. He struck a second time on March 1, 2019, stabbing someone at the Maze Bank Arena. Unable to get in contact with Cassidy, he acted on his own, following the pattern she laid out, and stabbed someone in the Murrieta Oil Field on March 6, 2019, this time leaving the piece of Cassidy's instructions where she wrote "Cassidy sends her regards" instead of writing it himself. However, this time he was spotted by Trooper Dazzler, who chased him down and eventually shot him when he charged with a machete. He was placed on a 5151 hold by Trooper White several days later, being charged for two first-degree murders, an attempted murder of an LEO, felony evasion, and possession of drug paraphernalia (a glass pipe found in the trunk of his Stratum). After several visits from Zoey Lyrais, he was released on March 19, 2019. He intended to go to Parsons, however Zoey was attacked by a prisoner before they could get him set up there.


Willy got the help he needed afterwards and got his mental issues under control. He lost his job as a groundskeeper at the university, but picked up work as a driver for Macapone's Parts & Scrap.