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Willie Brown, also known as "W", is a 25 years old Norwegian man that moved to Los Santos in November 2017 and became a member of The Grove Street Family after hanging around in South and saving Dequan "Q" Mathis from getting arrested by T.J. Mack


In March 2018, Willie was picked up by The Grove Street Family, and is often seen patrolling the streets in his black pick up truck.

In July 2018, Willie's visa expired and he left the city. He returned in March 2020.

The Grove Street Collective[]

Willie Brown is known for being the best shot in Grove and he impressed Jack, Q and Boris when they picked him up and handed over his first automatic pistol ''Tech-9''.

Willie was often around and dealing on the street and he got the money really fast and he shared it with Grove to show loyalty. This was something Jack really appreciated.

Boris used Willie and commanded him around something Willie didn't like at all, he was disrespectful and rude towards him. Dequan "Q" Mathis was a brother for Willie, he cared about him and sorted shit up when Willie got into trouble with Boris.

Q and Boris had meetings with Omar where they got the plan to get off of the streets and leave Jack alone to control them. No one ever informed Jack about this and while Boris mentioned it briefly, he did not tell the full story. Due to Q and Boris' perceived absence, Jack started rolling around with Willie as his only company and assistance. After this, Boris took $80,000 from Grove's safe and Jack got the idea that Boris may be leaving Grove. After a week he informed Jack via text that he bought a boat. Shortly after Boris took himself out of Grove's books and left the gang with Omar. At this point, Jack and Willie were the only active members of Grove.

Dequan "Q" Mathis was taken out to a meeting by Jack Jackson with Bob Coolidge on July 16th, 2018 and shot with a sawed-off shotgun after a short outburst of anger and telling Jack that he wants out of Grove. He was presumed dead on scene.

The next week Bob talked to Alexis about Jack killing Q, who was very close friend to her. This would end up cutting Grove out from coke for a long time and Bob to get the direct connect to coke through her for his gang the Vespucci Kings. During this period Grove was very vulnerable.

When Boris got told about the murder on Q he decided to have a secret meetup with Willie to let him know that Jack murdered Dequan "Q" Mathis. He also invited Willie to his new group. Willie acted like he was into it and the next stop was to empty all the apartments in Southside and get all the valuable items and then kill Jack Jackson. When Jack woke up the same night, Willie was waiting for him. Willie picked Jack up and they went for a ride where Willie told Jack about Boris and Omar's plans. At this time Willie took the decision to stay in Grove and he saved Jack from getting killed.

With Boris leaving Grove, the death of Dequan, and Omar in hiding, this meant Jack was now the only OG left and the leader of Grove. This only left Jack and Willie Brown. Willie's visa was expiring soon. Besides those two, he also trusted Tony Corleone. So this meant Jack had to start rebuilding and he began by merging The East Side Dragons with the family, substantially increasing membership. He brought in Archie Cooper as well.