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"Ho ho ho, I'm a hoe!"

Xander Love (born February 14th, 1988) is a former male prostitute and a matchmaker (with little success, though he'd never admit this to his clients). With bundles full of trauma, he struggles to hide his emotions, making it very difficult for him to make genuine friendships with people.


Early Life[]

Born to William and Jenna Love, Xander endured massive amounts of mental and emotional abuse at the hands of his parents in their Minnesota home. He survived neglect for years, only beginning to seek a way out when the abuse became physical when he was 13 years old, when he finally decided to run away from home, away from his parents. He spent four years on the move, hitchhiking, taking buses, taking taxis, and walking when he had to, until he finally arrived in California at the age of 17. In California, he was told about an ‘opportunity’ in San Andreas, and he was offered a flight there. Not stopping to consider how strange these circumstances were, desperate for money and a place to stay, Xander accepted this offer. The flight took Xander to Los Santos, where he was convinced with money and promises of a good life to become a prostitute, working for a pimp named Lyle Stewart.

While living as a prostitute was in no way glamorous or Xander’s ideal life, Lyle was a genuinely kind individual, and ensured that those under his employment were safe, taken care of, and paid fairly. That is, until three years into Xander’s time as a prostitute, a rival pimp named Hugo Vance murdered Lyle, and took control of his business and the prostitutes working for him. Starkly contrasting Lyle, Hugo was abusive, controlling, manipulative, and made sure the prostitutes only received the bare minimum amount of money they needed to survive, nothing more.

Hugo realized very quickly that Xander was getting more customers than any of the other prostitutes he controlled, being one of the most popular sex workers in Los Santos. This results in Hugo being overbearing towards Xander, trying to work him harder to get him to make more money. Through abuse and threats, Xander does end up making more money, by getting more clients, and convincing clients to keep returning. Within two years of Hugo taking over, Xander becomes the most profitable prostitute in all of Los Santos.

When Xander was 26 years old, he got a new client, Patrick Shaw, who Hugo personally introduced to Xander, telling him to treat him well. While this client started off like any other, they quickly became physically abusive to Xander, assaulting him multiple times. When Xander told Hugo about this, hoping the client would be ‘dealt with’ or ‘blacklisted’, he was shocked when Hugo told Xander that the client was a close friend of Hugo’s, and he was allowed to do anything he wanted to Xander. Over time, the client became obsessed with Xander, demanding to see him multiple times a week at times.

Starting to Change[]

At the age of 32, while Hugo was on vacation to Los Angeles, Xander began pushing the limits of what Hugo allowed. He began going out into the city, meeting new people, making friends, and making money of his own. This caught Hugo’s attention rather quickly, and he flew back to Los Santos. He called Xander, commanding him to meet him. Xander obeyed, knowing he was likely in extreme amounts of trouble. Hugo called a taxi/limo service, requesting a limo, unaware that the driver/company owner was one of Xander’s newly made friends, Bert O’Neill. Because of Bert being unaware of the situation, he began telling Hugo all about his friendship with Xander, and other friends Xander had - Essentially making it even worse for Xander. However, after Hugo assaulted Xander multiple times later on in the day, Xander’s friends convinced him that he needed to escape. Once Hugo left for something, Xander and his friends quickly drove to Xander’s motel and helped him pack his things, and quickly drove him to Paleto to get a motel room there, where Hugo would hopefully not find him. When they were satisfied that they had finished unpacking Xander’s things, Xander sent Hugo a short and simple text, saying “I’m done. I quit. Goodbye.”

This prompted dozens of texts and calls from Hugo, ranging from angry demands that Xander meet him immediately, to tearful voicemails begging Xander to come back. When Xander responded to none of these, Hugo resorted to more drastic measures. Posing as someone else, Hugo called for Bert’s taxi service, and kidnapped him at gunpoint. He took Bert to the peak of Mount Chiliad, and texted Xander, telling him that if he didn’t come alone, he would kill Bert. This prompted a response from many people, seeing as both Xander and Bert had a fair amount of friends in Los Santos. Xander, along with Alyssa Jericho (AJ), drove to the ski-lift to the top of Chiliad, with a plan in place: Xander would go and confront Hugo in order to distract him, while AJ, in her snow-camo gear, crawled up the hill the ski-lift was on until she was behind Hugo. This was the plan, until Hugo immediately ziptied Xander’s wrists together when he confronted him. Luckily, Hugo began monologuing, allowing AJ to continue crawling up the hill unseen. However, when Hugo fired two shots into the ground to emphasize a point, AJ abandoned the plan, and began sprinting the remaining distance, shooting Hugo down. During Hugo’s last moments of life, his last words were only loud enough for Xander to hear, but they prompted Xander to kick him in the ribs several times, and ask AJ to toss him off the side of the mountain, since Xander was still ziptied. Because of these events, he believed he owed AJ his life.

Trying to be Normal[]

Since Hugo’s death, Xander has struggled to live a “normal life”. Ever since he was 20, he wasn’t allowed to make friends, talk to anyone besides clients or Hugo, eat anything besides fruit, vegetables, or nots, drink anything but water, go to clubs, or even make his own money. He struggles to adjust to having all of these freedoms, though he has made progress. He now owns his own house, he has a pet Rottweiler, he has several close friends, and he even had a hamburger for the first time. This is around the time in which Xander began wearing his trademark hat, glasses, and mask combination.

A Killer[]

Over time, he became very close with Salton Bombay, better known as 'Salt', to the point where she "adopted" him as her son, and Xander truly saw her as the mother he'd never had. He began spending a majority of his time with her, finding it easier to be happy when he was with her, as his depression and PTSD were becoming much worse following the incident with Hugo on Mount Chiliad. After Salt began a relationship with Felix Kingston, he became an "adoptive" father to Xander. However, on February 3rd, 2021, Xander and Salt were together at the Del Perro Beach, when an older man arrived. This man perfectly matched the description given to Xander by several people of a serial killer, who had attempted to kill someone in Legion Square just a week before. Not wanting to tip the man off that he knew who he was, Xander began frantically sending texts to Salt, telling her they needed to leave as soon as possible. Having been making conversation with the man, Salt took a few moments to look at the text messages, upon which she began telling the man that they were going to leave. Upon hearing this, the man drew a knife, threatening to kill Salt. Overcome with flashbacks to Mount Chiliad, Xander relived the moments of Hugo's death - Only this time, he wasn't helplessly ziptied. He drew his gun, and fired four shots. As blood splattered onto his clothes, Xander came back to reality, realizing he wasn't back on Chiliad, but rather he was still on the beach - And he had just fired four shots into the man who was threatening to kill Salt, causing him to collapse, unconscious. Completely stunned by his own actions, Xander quickly called 911 as Salt attempted to perform first aid on the man, exasperated, telling Xander he shouldn't have shot him. Once the police arrived, they took over medical treatment of the man, and took statements from Xander and Salt before transporting the man to Pillbox. While Xander was still stunned by what he had done, he took comfort in the idea that the man would likely survive. Salt, also shocked by Xander's actions, called AJ for a ride rather than leaving with Xander.

Left thinking Salt was mad at him for saving her life, increasing his guilt for his actions, Xander drove to Koalaty Customs for a repair, where AJ was working. Noticing that he hadn't remembered to change out of the blood-splattered clothes, AJ inquired if Xander was alright, to which he told her about what had happened on the beach, including how he felt as if Salt were upset because of Xander's life-saving actions. This prompted AJ to tell Xander she would speak to Salt for him, as she believed he had just misunderstood what Salt was feeling. Twenty minutes later, Salt called Xander, asking if they could meet to talk. After meeting up at Alta, the two went for a drive, during which Salt explained that she wasn't mad, she just needed time to process what had happened - After all, Xander killed somebody. Having thought the man survived, Xander was immediately shocked by what she had said. Salt, having thought Xander knew, explained that she went to Pillbox after the situation on the beach, and overheard the officers talking about "not needing to process him anymore". Completely shaken, Xander hardly spoke for the rest of the drive, until Salt decided to go home for the night.

Later in the night, Xander found himself at Pillbox, deciding to take his mind off of his horrible day by visiting Nurse Harper Bauer. They made small-talk for a few minutes, before Harper finally asked about why Xander was so much quieter than usual, and why he seemed to be so shaken. Hesitating for a few moments, almost scared to say the words out loud, he told Harper three words: "I killed somebody..." With no judgement in her tone, Harper simply confirmed she had heard him right, before letting Xander explain what happened. However, as Xander began to explain, Tazzy Varelli emerged from the restricted area of the hospital, shouting at Harper: "Harper! Are you going to move AJ's body to the morgue, or just let her rot in the trauma bay?" Completely blindsided by this, Xander stood in complete shock in the lobby of Pillbox, dropping to the floor and sobbing into his knees. While he and AJ weren't necessarily close, he looked up to her, trusted her, and after the incident on Chiliad, owed her his life. As he cried in the lobby of Pillbox, one thing kept echoing in his mind: It should be me, not her. I should be the one going to the morgue right now. In time, Dr. Myles Hamilton arrived at Pillbox, seeing Xander crying on the floor in front of the desk, and helped him to the couch in the lobby so he could be more comfortable. Eventually, Harper returned from the back of Pillbox, joining Xander on the couch to comfort him. Having been friends with AJ herself, Harper did her best to keep her composure as Xander explained why he felt he had owed AJ his life. The two of them spent a great deal of time talking, crying, and just sitting in silence, likely over an hour or two, before the two of them went home.


On February 18th, 2021, Xander Love was voluntarily admitted to Pillbox Medical Center on a 5150 hold, after he reluctantly admitted to his best friend Kelsi Caine and his adoptive "mother" Salton Bombay that he had plans to commit suicide. While Kelsi had suggested that he go to a facility in Canada where she had been treated before, he expressed his fears that the problem would only get worse if he were so far away from the people he cared about, and his dog, Dakota.

While in Pillbox's care, it was discovered that Xander suffered from a possibly-temporary case of eisoptrophobia (the fear of looking at himself), which is why he began wearing his 'trademark' hat, glasses, and facemask combination at all times.

He was released from Pillbox on February 26th, 2021, with a prescription for antidepressants, and routinely scheduled meetings with a local psychiatrist.

Back Out Into the World[]

Xander, now living out of a motel with his dog Dakota, began to try and add structure and purpose to his life, on the advice of his psychiatrist. He applied for a position at Premium Deluxe Motorsports, successfully being hired as a salesman.

On March 30th, 2021, Xander's "adopted father", Felix Kingston, died in a car accident. This devastated Xander, Salt, and Kelsi Caine, who had all become extremely close with Felix.

However, one thing (or person, rather) pulled Xander out of the pit of misery he'd found himself in: Sedah Morgen.


  • Until December of 2020, Xander had never eaten anything but fruits, vegetables, or nuts
  • Xander's blood type is O -
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